Scott MacLowry is an incredible Massage Therapist. I have had chronic neck and leg pain from herniated discs. Scott was great at understanding and addressing the problems and helping me improve. He involved me in the massage and also gave me exercises so I could improve.

I have referred lots of patients to Scott as well. Scott MacLowry is smart, kind and an excellent massage therapist.

Liz Klein, MD


Scott worked miracles for me.  After years of pain, trying everything I could think of, he worked on my injured shoulder/neck area, and in a short time, the pain decreased and then disappeared.  It’s been a year since he moved away, and I continue pain free and able to engage in all my regular activities.

I have recommended Scott to friends/family who have also had positive experiences.  I am just so thankful that I found him.

Deborah Mandell


I was a client of Scott MacLowry for several years. He was extraordinarily helpful with my back pain due to muscle spasms. He kept me in great shape! I appreciated his thorough and systematic approach to working on all segments of my muscular apparatus. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his expertise. Gratefully,

Dr William Sack


Scott has intuitive hands and always seems to help me release my muscles.  When it seems that you are frustrated with yourself and you can’t seem to do the right exercise or stretch, Scott can help you learn more about how you can stay in Good Health!

Barb Feller, LMT, Pilates Instructor


Scott MacLowry is an amazing massage therapist. His skills and techniques are impressive, but it is his intelligence and experience with bodies that make him an exceptional bodyworker. He understands how to go into deep tissue in a way that is not stressful or invasive. He is a gifted and caring healer and my body misses him very much!

Jean Leavenworth, Pilates Instructor


“Thanks Scott. Your body work always helped me to get through tough periods while training for triathlon or stage bike races. I found new energy after each massage and my body responded with better results.”

Andrej  Miske, Triathlete


I came to Scott for pain from a faulty hip replacement which he helped me manage until I could undergo a revision.   I am a physician and understand anatomy and muscle function.   He has a profound understanding of anatomy and function. He also has an extraordinary skill reading his clients muscular state and methods to relieve pain, tension.  He is an uniquely talented massage therapist.  I have referred numerous patients to him because of my confidence in his therapeutic skills  to help them.  He gets 5 stars from me.

Nancy Loeb, MD


“While pursuing help for chronic neck and hip pain with my physical therapist Dr. Zamboni, I had the opportunity to meet Scott who worked in conjunction with my therapist. After one treatment, I was walking without limping and in no pain. In the past, my physician prescribed muscle relaxers and bed rest for this condition which made me feel sick due to the medication. I can’t say enough about Scott’s innate ability as a massage therapist and healer. There is a calmness in his motion as he works through the process with you… guiding your breath into and through areas of tenderness and tension. Initially, having a male massage therapist was a bit beyond my comfort zone, but after the first few minutes I knew I was in the right hands. I have seen several practitioners in the past and went through weeks of Rolfing which was very painful. Scott’s philosophy is to get to the root of the problem without creating to much tension or pain, so that the muscles will relax as he stretches the entire body. The acuity of his hands and knowledge of the human body comes from 20 years of experience. I have recommended Scott to several of my friends and would definitely recommend Scott if you are seeking treatment for chronic pain, stiffness or just want a great massage!”

Sincerely, Stella Rose Powell, Retired Dental Hygienist and reinvented jewelry artist and metalsmith