Medical Massage

Medical Massage/Auto Accident/Workmans Compensation

Medical massage is therapeutic bodywork for injuries or conditions for which massage is prescribed by a physician. This could be injuries or conditions sustained in Motor Vehicle Accidents, on the job and/or other injuries or conditions.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Incident – MVA/MVI

If you have been injured in or by a Motor Vehicle, as a driver, passenger, pedestrian or bicyclist, you are entitled to up to at least 1 year or $15,000, whichever comes first, of health care, as determined by the attending physician. Medical massage for Auto accidents can be prescribed by a MD, DC, ND or L.Ac..

Whiplash and other Motor Vehicle trauma, if left untreated, are a leading cause of chronic pain and disability.  Treatment is most effective when started as soon as possible after an incident.

Even if you are at fault, auto insurance will pay for your treatment. If premiums are effected, the increase will likely be much less significant than the potential long-term pain, disability, suffering and medical treatment that will no longer be covered by the auto insurance.

Workmans’ Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you are entitled to health care for as long as your physician and the State Workmans’ Comp Medical Board determine. Depending on the injury, this can include medical massage, if prescribed by the attending physician.

Personal Health Insurance Plans – PHIP

Depending on your PHIP, you may be entitled to medical massage for injury or other conditions, including cancer, breast surgery, FM, MS, scoliosis and other orthopedic and postural conditions. Some plans allow LMT’s to bill directly, most do not. Even if your plan doesn’t cover massage therapy, therapeutic soft tissue modalitites prescribed by a MD or DC may be covered.